Paralysis Injuries

Have you been injured in an accident that resulted in partial or complete paralysis? If so, we urge you to contact the Ghozland Law Firm for caring and hard-hitting legal representation. Our paralysis injuries attorneys have been involved in several multi-million dollar settlements.
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Paralysis Injuries

highly recommended personal injury attorneys in los angeles

Has your injury caused paralysis?

Have you been injured in an accident that resulted in partial or complete paralysis? If so, we urge you to contact the Ghozland Law Firm for caring and hard-hitting legal representation. Our paralysis injuries attorneys have been involved in several multi-million dollar settlements, including a class action settlement greater than $400 million.

Having represented large corporations for several years, Mr. Ghozland familiarized himself with the defense and delay tactics employed by insurance defense attorneys and has gained valuable insight that has proven invaluable during negotiations and at trial.

Why hire the Ghozland Law Firm?

  • Paralysis Injuries Attorney Michael Ghozland ensures that his clients' cases are not affected by unscrupulous delay tactics by opposing counsel.
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Paralysis is the loss of muscle function in a part of the human body. A victim can become paralyzed after something goes wrong in the way that messages are passed between the brain and muscles. Paralysis can affect one or both sides of the body, and it can be partial or complete.

When a person experienced paralysis in the lower half of the body, including both legs, it is called paraplegia. In contrast, paralysis of the arms and legs is quadriplegia. Aside from disease, paralysis is also caused by:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken neck
  • Brachial plexus injuries
  • Facial nerve injuries sustained during birth
  • Stroke

Once the victim has become partially or completely paralyzed in the affected are of the body, it is very common to experience secondary conditions – medical, social, emotional, family, or community problems that are a result of the disabling condition.

Here are some common problems associated with paralysis:

  • Bowel and bladder problems
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin conditions
  • Sexual dysfunction

If you have been involved in an accident that has caused you to become paralyzed, a Whittier personal injury attorney from Ghozland Law Firm can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.



What is paralysis?

In Los Angeles law, paralysis is defined as an injury that causes an inability to move a body part, such as arms or legs. It can also be defined as the partial or complete loss of sensation in any body region. Paralysis can be caused by trauma, stroke, tumor, and even diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Paralysis can result from damage to either the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) or peripheral nerves (nerves outside the brain and spinal cord). Depending on the cause of paralysis, it may affect one side of the body, both sides (bilateral), all four limbs (quadriplegia), or other regions such as facial muscles.

When considering paralysis in legal terms, many types of damages can be sought. These may include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Depending on the cause of paralysis, it is possible to recover compensation for future medical care, vocational rehabilitation services, and assistive devices.

In Los Angeles law, individuals who have sustained a paralysis injury are entitled to fair and just compensation based on what they’ve suffered. The experienced attorneys at Ghozland Law Group can help identify the responsible party or parties liable for their client's injuries as well as seek maximum damages to ensure that their client gets the compensation they deserve.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your paralysis-related legal matters in Los Angeles.

What are some common causes of paralysis?

Paralysis affects thousands of people in Los Angeles every year. One of the most common causes of paralysis is a spinal cord injury, which can be caused by any type of trauma to the spine such as a car accident or a fall from a great height.

Other common causes include stroke, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumors. A stroke occurs when there is an interruption in blood flow to part of the brain, causing damage to neurons and leading to paralysis. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder that attacks nerve cells, disabling communication between the brain and other parts of the body.

Brain tumors can cause damage to nerve cells in areas that control motor function and lead to paralysis. In addition, some people are born with conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and spinal muscular atrophy, which can cause paralysis.

No matter the cause, paralysis can have a huge impact on a person’s life and requires ongoing medical attention to manage symptoms. Fortunately, there are many treatments available such as physical therapy, medications, surgery, and assistive devices to help people with paralysis lead more independent lives. With the right care and support, living with paralysis in Los Angeles is possible.

Other less common causes of paralysis affect people in the city of Los Angeles. Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) is an autoimmune disorder that affects the peripheral nervous system and can lead to temporary or permanent muscle weakness or even complete paralysis.

Other conditions that can lead to paralysis include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease), transverse myelitis, and spinal cord compression. Lastly, certain medications such as chemotherapy drugs and other treatments for cancer can cause nerve damage that leads to paralysis.

By recognizing the common causes of paralysis in Los Angeles, people can take steps to avoid preventable accidents and provide support to those living with paralysis. With early detection, treatment, and supportive care, many people with paralysis live meaningful lives despite their limitations.

What damages can I recover in a paralysis injury case?

Damages that can be recovered in a Los Angeles paralysis injury case are typically classified under two categories: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to any financial losses suffered due to the injury, such as medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket costs.

Non-economic damages include compensation for things like pain and suffering, disability or disfigurement, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.

To successfully recover these damages in a Los Angeles paralysis injury case, it’s important to have experienced legal representation on your side to make sure all evidence is collected correctly and accurately presented in court.

It’s also essential to make sure that all aspects of the injury are considered, from physical pain and suffering to mental anguish. With the help of an experienced attorney, a victim may be able to win a higher compensation package than originally thought possible.

No matter what you’re going through after a paralysis injury in Los Angeles, remember that you have options available to you. A great lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for legal assistance today if you or a loved one has been affected by a paralysis injury in Los Angeles. You deserve justice and fair compensation for your suffering – don’t wait another day.

How can I prove that the other party was responsible for my paralysis injury?

One of the most crucial elements in proving a personal injury case related to Paralysis is establishing that the other party was responsible for causing the injury. In Los Angeles, this burden of proof is typically met by gathering enough evidence to show that the other party had a duty to act with due care and they breached it—resulting in harm to the plaintiff.

This evidence can come from many sources, such as police reports or incident accounts from witnesses, medical records outlining treatment plans and progress notes, photographic or video footage of the incident itself, or expert testimony from medical professionals on diagnosing and treating Paralysis injuries.

All these pieces of information can be used to demonstrate that another person’s actions were negligent, reckless, or intentional—which is necessary for an individual to prove their claim of responsibility.

In addition, during a personal injury case related to Paralysis, individuals must also provide evidence that they were harmed in some way due to the other party’s negligence or intentional conduct. This can be done by submitting medical records, bills, and receipts showing expenses related to medical treatments or lost wages from missed workdays.

Moreover, if applicable, documentation of any physical pain or emotional distress resulting from the incident should also be included. Doing this will help demonstrate the extent of harm suffered and ultimately assist in proving that another party was responsible for causing the plaintiff's Paralysis injury.

Ultimately, gathering sufficient evidence is essential when attempting to prove that another person acted negligently and caused a Paralysis injury in Los Angeles. This evidence should include proof of the other party’s negligent or intentional conduct as well as evidence showing that the individual suffered harm due to the incident.

With enough information, an individual can hold the other party accountable for their actions and be compensated for their injuries in a personal injury case related to Paralysis.

How long do I have to file a paralysis injury lawsuit?

In the city of Los Angeles, someone has two years to file a lawsuit related to paralysis injury. This limitation is set out in California's statute of limitations, which means that any legal action must be brought within two years after the date an injury occurs or is discovered.

In most cases, the clock starts ticking on the date of the incident that lead to the paralysis injury; however, there are some exceptions.

For example, if the cause of the paralysis was not immediately known due to latent symptoms manifested later, then it might be possible for someone to bring their claim beyond a two-year window depending on when exactly it became clear that there was an issue present.

It is important for anyone who has been injured because of paralysis in Los Angeles to seek legal advice as soon as possible, even if they think they still have plenty of time. This is because the statute of limitations could be suspended or restarted at any point due to various factors such as delayed discovery, changes in laws, and more. An experienced attorney can help ensure that all applicable deadlines are met and that the case can proceed without issue.

Ultimately, it is always best practice to contact a specialized personal injury lawyer at the first sign of an injury related to paralysis in Los Angeles. They can guide how long you must file a lawsuit and work with you to determine your best course of action for achieving justice and compensation for your losses.

By doing your research and seeking the advice of a qualified legal professional, you can protect your rights and ensure that any paralysis injury-related lawsuit is filed promptly.

Can I recover damages if my paralysis was caused by a pre-existing condition?

Someone can recover damages if their paralysis was caused by a pre-existing condition in the city of Los Angeles. Under California law, a person must prove that their injury was proximately caused by the negligence of another to recover damages.

In cases involving pre-existing conditions, this can be difficult because it may not be possible to determine exactly what role the pre-existing condition played in causing the injury. However, there are some scenarios where a plaintiff can seek recovery even if they had a pre-existing condition before the accident.

For example, if an individual’s paralysis was worsened by medical malpractice or due to unsafe conditions at work or on another's property, then they may be able to recover damages. For instance, if an individual had a pre-existing condition that caused them to have weakened bones and they slipped and fell on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions, then they may be entitled to compensation.

In cases involving paralysis due to a pre-existing condition, the plaintiff needs to speak with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney who can guide them through the legal process and help them seek recovery of damages.

With the help of an experienced lawyer, individuals in Los Angeles can better understand their rights and how best to pursue legal action if their paralysis was caused by others’ negligence or unsafe conditions. A knowledgeable attorney will also be able to advise whether pursuing a lawsuit is advisable in a particular case.

Overall, someone can recover damages if their paralysis was caused by a pre-existing condition in the city of Los Angeles. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help a plaintiff understand their legal rights and provide guidance on how to best seek recovery of damages.

Individuals in this situation must contact an attorney as soon as possible to determine whether they have grounds for filing a claim against those responsible for their injury.

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highly recommended personal injury attorneys in los angeles
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highly recommended personal injury attorneys in los angeles
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