HEAD ON COLLISION - $4,750,000.00

Our client was significantly injured after she was hit head on by the defendant when he lost control of his vehicle.  We were able to facilitate a settlement in this case 10 months after a lawsuit was filed for $4,750,000.


We obtained a settlement in a motorcycle accident case involving the tragic death of a father.


Tamara Moore v. Rosewood Condominium HOA. Trip and fall in common area at condo complex due to inadequate lighting.  Case settled several weeks before trial for $2,000,000.

DOCTOR'S OFFICE SLIP & FALL - $1,564,000.00

Altamar v. Flores. Julio Altamar was leaving his doctor’s office when he tripped and fell on a sunken planter adjacent to the entrance of the building his doctor owned. Mr. Altamar tripped and fell and suffered a broken neck which required cervical fusion surgery. The defendant denied responsibility and placed blame on entirely on the plaintiff. The insurance company involved made a final pre-trial offer of $75,000. The jury found in our client’s favor and returned a verdict of $1.564 million.


Doe v. Doe: Client was walking her dog when she was struck by her neighbor’s dog. As a result, Client suffered numerous knee injuries. Case settled for the policy limits five (5) months after a law suit was filed.


Case settled the day before trial for $675,000.  Our client slipped and fell on wet cement outside of a Bristol Farms grocery store.  Our client aggravated pre-existing neck and lower back injuries and fractured her sacrum.  Bristol Farms denied liability and denied that our client was hurt as a result of her slip and fall.  Bristol Farms claimed that they did not have notice that the cement was slippery when wet and that our client’s injuries were all pre-existing.  After four years of litigation, extensive motion practice and discovery, including two motions for summary judgment and thirty depositions, we were able to achieve a favorable result for our client.


Johnson v. Phan. Don Johnson was riding his motorcycle on the 91 freeway in Corona on his way to work when he was sideswiped by the defendant and thrown from his motorcycle. Mr. Johnson suffered a knee injury and now requires a total knee replacement. The defendant denied responsiblity until the final day of trial and argued that Mr. Johnson’s knee injury was pre-existing. The insurance company involved made an initial offer at mediation to settle the case in the amount of approximately $27,000. The jury found in our client’s favor and returned a verdict of $400,940.16


Trammel v. Givens.  Client suffered neck and lower back injuries after being rear-ended by Defendants.  Case settled two days before trial for $150,000 above Defendants’ insurance policy limits.


Frank v. Chun. Client was rear-ended by defendant. Client’s total property damage to her vehicle was less than $800. Client suffered numerous back injuries. Case settled for policy limits of $250,000.

SCOOTER ACCIDENT - $100,000.00

Preston v. Yih: Client was proceeding south on Vermont Ave. on his scooter when he was hit by the defendant who was heading north on Vermont Ave and attempting to make a left into a private driveway. Defendant initially denied liability and offered $1,500 to resolve the matter. Case settled for policy limits of $100,000.

AUTO ACCIDENT - $100,000.00

Davis v. Yen: Client was rear-ended on the 10 freeway in Los Angeles. Client had a history of back problems and ultimately underwent surgery two years after the accident. After suit was filed, the parties settled for the policy limits of $100,000.

LIABILITY CLAIM - $100,000.00

Client involved in an accident at the intersection of Crescent Heights and Beverly Blvd. Insurance company initially denied liability, however, we were able to secure a settlement for all insurance available.


Aguilar v. LACMTA: Client was rear-ended by LACMTA bus. Defendant denied liability and mechanism of the injury. Plaintiff suffered torn meniscus, neck and back strain. Defendants contended that impact could not have caused the alleged injuries. Case settled fifty (50) days before trial.

CAR ACCIDENT - $99,999.00

Cohen v. Trachtenberg. Client was sideswiped by defendants at the intersection of Wilshire blvd., and La Brea Ave. Client suffered a right knee injury and cervical and lumbar strain/sprain that required epidural injection. Insurance company’s initial settlement offer was approximately $18,000. Case settled three months before trial for $99,999.


Client was crossing an intersection at Whittier Blvd., and Euclid Ave. when defendant made a right turn on red and struck our client. Defendant initially placed 50% fault on our client. Client suffered a wrist injury and injuries to her neck and back.


Ramirez v. Mirisch.  Client was rear-ended at the intersection of Pico Boulevard and Beverly Glenn Boulevard.  Client suffered lower back injuries.  Defendant’s insurance company offered $25,000 prior to trial to settle the case.  We achieved a jury verdict of $61,500 for our client.


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