With over 15 years of combined experience fighting and winning personal injury law claims in West Covina, you have found the right lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

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West Covina enjoys the warm sun of the San Gabriel Valley, as well as the urban conveniences of The Plaza West Covina and the West Covina Sportsplex Project. Meanwhile, Interstate 10 and California 60 West provide “easy” access to Los Angeles (traffic and road construction conditions permitting, of course!).

Not all is sunshine and joy in West Covina, however – accidents happen here just as they do anywhere else. When you suffer a personal injury due to someone else’s misconduct — or if, God forbid, you should lose a loved one that way – the Ghozland Law Firm stands ready to help you pursue just compensation for your losses.

We are experts at getting you the highest compensation for your injuries for dog bites, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and all types of personal injuries suffered due to the negligence of others.

LA personal injury attorney Michael Ghozland


Michael Ghozland

Michael Ghozland started Ghozland Law Firm to ensure that the rights of individuals injured through the negligent, reckless, or illegal acts of others, are protected and not negatively affected by insurance companies and their lawyers. It is all too often that individuals with a legal right to compensation for their injuries are denied full compensation because they do not have an advocate in their corner. Ghozland Law Firm strives to make sure our clients get what they deserve.

“We have made it our mission to provide our clients with the type of legal representation typically delivered to large corporate and institutional clients. Mr. Ghozland recognizes that you deserve the best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.”

Mr. Ghozland was nominated for the “Street Fighter of the Year Award” by the CAOC in 2014, an award given to a plaintiff’s lawyer who has litigated a case that creates a more just society, regardless of personal benefit or financial gain.


We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.  Read below for a sample of some of the many lawsuit victories we have won on behalf of our clients.

Car Accident

$4,750,000.00 Settlement

Condo Area Trip & Fall

$2,000,000.00 Settlement

Doctor Office Slip & Fall

$1,564,000.00 Verdict

Dog Causes Injuries

$1,000,000.00 Verdict


$675,000.00 Settlement

Motorcycle Accident

$400,940.16 Verdict

Rear-End Car Accident

$250,000.00 Verdict

Scooter Accident

$100,000.00 Verdict

Auto Accident

$100,000.00 Verdict



Both of the attorneys in our firm have spent years working for large plaintiff’s law firms. Founder Michael Ghozland spent years at the nation’s largest plaintiff law firm working on large cases that were routinely resolved for hundreds of millions of dollars. Ghozland Law Firm has been involved inseveral multi-million-dollar settlements, earning us both memberships in the exclusive Million Dollar Advocates Forum®.


Experience has taught us that defendants and insurance companies are stingy, evasive and, above all, tricky. Ghozland worked as a defense attorney before founding Ghozland Law Firm and as a result, we know all of the tricks that defendants like to use. We are not going to fall for any of them.


At Ghozland Law Firm, we will not delegate your case to “the junior guy”, because there is no such thing at our firm. We handle all cases ourselves, and we will respond promptly and personally to your questions and concerns.


If you think you can’t afford us, the good news is that you can. At Ghozland Law Firm, you won’t owe us a dime unless we win compensation for you. We win the vast majority of our cases anyway, and we don’t expect you to pay us for nothing.


You are a person, not a case number. Many law firms, lost in the pursuit of endless profits, forget this fundamental reality. Having suffered personal injuries ourselves, we are unable to forget this – and we don’t want to. It is our emotional commitment to our clients that provides us with an edge that too many other law firms lack.


You are a person, not a case number. Many law firms, lost in the pursuit of endless profits, forget this fundamental reality. Having suffered personal injuries ourselves, we are unable to forget this – and we don’t want to. It is our emotional commitment to our clients that provides us with an edge that too many other law firms lack.



  • This whole situation was like trouble at my doorstep and like a problem that wouldn’t go away. But — from the moment I met you — you were a blessing to me and someone I felt very comfortable with. You really are a very nice “lawyer” and I feel the lord gave me you! Thank you, thank you for caring, for being so supportive of me, for being by my side every step of the way.

    I appreciate you as a person, my friend and my lawyer
  • Thank God an attorney who would not take my case referred me to Michael Ghozland. He said “If anyone can help you it’s him”. And he was right. Michael stood by my side for a year. He believed in me and my case. I did not realize how emotionally taxing these situations can be and Michael treated me as if I were one of his family members. He was patient and supportive.

    I only wish I would have known Michael when my accident first happened
  • I needed help, and I needed it immediately. Michael Ghozland was recommended, and I phoned for an appointment. Unwilling to allow me to travel to his office suffering as I was, Mike came to me. Within minutes of meeting him, I knew he was the right attorney. From the moment I hired him, the fear and stress vanished. Mike took care of everything. read more

    Mike was my light at the end of the tunnel; I will always be grateful.
  • I worked with Michael Ghozland for two and half years on my case. I felt very confident in everything he said and he always gave me truth and honesty. In my case there was no dispute as to fault, so no win or lose, but he was honest with me on what type of settlement we could expect. I followed his advice and we were very close to his expectations. I was very happy with the settlement and would definitely use Ghozland law again and highly recommend them.

    I was very happy with settlement and would definitely use Ghozland Law again.

The Sooner You Act, the Better Your Chances Will Be

After a serious personal injury, your first priority should be to seek medical attention. Your second priority should be to contact a West Covina personal injury lawyer, so that you won’t end up paying dearly for someone else’s mistake. As a two-lawyer firm, we will provide you with individualized representation that is responsive to your particular case and to your particular needs. We will fight like the legal warriors we are to make sure you that receive full compensation for your losses, both physical and psychological.

Our legal team is available to answer any of your questions and to schedule a free initial evaluation of your case. Call (213) 817-9957 or fill out our case evaluation form to get the process started today. In addition to West Covina, we also take clients from elsewhere in the Los Angeles metro area.


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