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If you have ever thrown out your back, taken a wrong twist while picking up a heavy object or in any other way put strain or damaged your spine, you know how painful the recovery time can be. Even small complications such as sleeping wrong on your back can have serious repercussions. Victims of spinal cord injuries can attest the pain, but on a much larger scale. Individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries usually retained the injury an accident such as a car collision or slip and fall accident. Often times, a blow or wrong twist threw vertebrae out of place or crushed a portion of the spine. These painful injuries can take months or years to heal and some victims even become paralyzed from their injuries. If you sustained a painful spinal injury at someone else’s expense, you deserve compensation and we can help!

Most injuries tear into the soft tissue or nerves surrounding the bones of your spine. It is not common for injuries to actually tear your spinal column in half, and those devastating injuries often result in the untimely death of the victim. Paralysis from the injury site down is often a result of severe spinal injuries, but even incomplete spinal injuries (injuries that still allow for movement) can be incredibly painful and victims still may suffer from limited mobility in years to come. It is important that after an accident, the least amount of effort is taken to move the injured individual and medical personnel are notified immediately. These accidents are considered medical emergencies and sometimes surgery is needed to repair the damaged spine.

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If you or someone you care about suffered a spinal cord injury, you need a spinal cord injury lawyer for your personal injury case in Los Angeles. Spinal injuries and neck injuries can result in lengthy hospital stays, long rehabilitation and sometimes can cause brain injuries or other complications. Uninsured or underinsured patients can pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to afford care and may not be able to retain to work for months following the accident.

If you have been injured and are experiencing high medical costs, you may need a highly experienced personal injury attorney for your injury case in Los Angeles. Our team can help you fight to receive the compensation that you deserve after an accident. If you are in Los Angeles or the surrounding communities, we encourage you to speak with our dedicated team and begin developing a strong case.


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