Are Victims of an Auto Pedestrian Accident Entitled to Compensation in California?

Even when you’re as attentive as possible while you’re out walking in West Covina, you’re still at risk for an auto pedestrian accident. A pedestrian accident happens when someone who is out on foot is struck by a vehicle of some kind. This can be a car, truck, big rig, or even a motorcycle. Unfortunately, these accidents can be very serious and result in life changing permanent injuries and even death. If you or a loved one are injured in a pedestrian accident, know that California law is on your side.

Signs of a Concussion Post Auto Accident

Many auto accident victims in West Covina assume that if they have suffered an injury, they will be able to see it. While this is often the case (deep cuts and broken bones are often visible to the naked eye), many injuries — particularly brain injuries — require medical testing in order to determine the extent of damage. If you suffered a blow to the head while in a car accident, seek immediate medical treatment and contact an experienced injury attorney to see if you should pursue legal action against the negligent driver.

Big Rig Accidents and Your Rights

Commercial truck driving is big business throughout the United States. Indeed, with almost 3.5 million commercial truck drivers on the road, there’s a good chance that you may (quite literally) run into one the next time you’re on the 10 heading through West Covina.

Even though federal law closely regulates who can drive a commercial truck, it does not mean that some drivers (even qualified ones) don’t get tired, distracted, or use their cell phone when driving and cause an accident. Unfortunately for all involved, when a big rig causes an auto accident, the results are often catastrophic. If you or a loved one are injured in a trucking accident that was not your fault, contact an experienced accident lawyer immediately. California law is on your side.
When Unsafe Truckers Hit the Road

NYE Drunk Driving Accident Victims Have Rights

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, which means that thousands of people throughout West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley are busy making their NYE plans.

While, like other holidays, NYE is a time for fun, friends, and celebration, it is also a time when more drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol take to the streets. Studies show that the most traveled holiday period of the year is Thanksgiving weekend, and DUI arrests are at their highest between Thanksgiving and the end of New Year’s weekend.

After a Motorcycle Accident in West Covina

With traffic on the 10 Freeway through West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley only seeming to get worse, many commuters have switched from automobiles to motorcycles. While their ride to work is probably shorter, as motorcyclists are able to engage in lane splitting and other speed-increasing techniques, it is also more dangerous. Indeed, California is second in the nation (behind Florida) for the greatest number of motorcycle deaths — a title no state wants to have. And according to a recent report, 50% of all motorcycle deaths involved fatal crashes with another type of motor vehicle that was in transit; i.e. also driving to work.

The holidays are upon us, which means holiday parties galore. While hopefully most party-goers utilize ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber to avoid driving while under the influence, many do not and serious drunk driving related accidents in West Covina are the result.

West Covina serves as a sort-of hub for many of the surrounding cities in the San Gabriel Valley, including Baldwin Park, Covina, and the City of Industry, as the 10 travels straight through it. This means that many drivers, heading home from work and social events, are passing through West Covina on their way home. If you or a loved one is injured by a drunk driver in West Covina, know that California law is on your side.

4 Facts about West Covina Motorcycle Accidents You May Not Know

Motorcycle accidents are often misunderstood by the public. There’s a lot of misinformation about this subject and we believe it is time to clear the air. Here are 4 facts about motorcycles and auto accidents that you may not know.

1. Most Motorcycle Accidents Aren’t Caused by the Rider

Many people believe that motorcycle accidents in West Covina are mostly caused by the rider. This isn’t true. Statistics show that most accidents involving a motorcycle occur because of the driver of the other vehicle. Around ¾ of all motorcycle accidents involve a passenger vehicle.