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One of the most common non-fatal injuries in car accidents is whiplash. While it may not be life-threatening, it is still an injury to your spinal cord. Not only is this painful, but it can affect your mobility, and thus, potentially your ability to work. As you pay for doctor’s visits, prescription pain killers, and perhaps therapy, you may not be able to earn the money for any of these expenses. Moreover, insurance companies are prone to not take soft tissue damage seriously. They are ready to deny your claim, and even if they do accept it, you are likely to get a ridiculously low offer. To get compensation, you will need plenty of proof to back up a compelling claim.

When you work with an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney and whiplash lawyer, you can have the legal counsel and representation that you need for your personal injury claim. With more than a decade of experience, we combine exemplary skill with passion to get our clients the settlements they truly deserve. Call the Ghozland Law Firm to find out what we can do for you.

Whiplash Injury and Symptoms

Often the result of rear-end accidents, whiplash can occur when the impact of a crash sends you into the steering wheel or dashboard, and your seat belt thrusts you back. This violent motion may cause your neck to snap back and forth, jarring or perhaps tearing muscles along the spinal cord. You could sustain damage to your bones as well. All this can leave you with severe pain in your neck, and cause you to need medical treatment. Serious injuries may not be fully apparent for 24 hours, however, so it is vital that you visit a doctor as soon as possible after a collision.

The sooner you get treated, the better your chances of a full recovery are. If the pain in your neck radiates to your shoulders or your arms, then you should definitely consult a doctor. Stiffness or pain when moving your neck, headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision are further symptoms of potentially serious conditions. Underlying injuries, such as soft tissue damage and internal bleeding, can worsen if left untreated. Plus, if you want your insurance company to take your injury as seriously as you do, then you should act according to the severity of your injuries.

Soft tissue damage can be hard to diagnose, and it is practically impossible to prove, apart from assessment by a medical professional, who will then document your injuries. You need all the medical records you can get. With proper treatment, you can minimize the pain and make a quicker recovery. If someone else is at fault for your accident, then you should not be the one paying for the aftermath.

Personal Injury Claims for Whiplash Injury

Rear-end accidents are the typical cause of whiplash injuries. These collisions are almost always the fault of the driver behind you. If brake failure or defective steering contributed to your crash, you may have an auto product liability claim on your hands. For whatever type of accident you were in, legal help can make all the difference when trying to prove another party’s liability. At the Ghozland Law Firm, we are committed to safeguarding the rights of the injured. If an aggressive driver ran a red light, or a driver was distracted by a text, then you should not be paying for their negligence. Even if the driver’s irresponsibility ran so far as to drive uninsured, you are still owed compensation. With a personal injury lawyer from our firm and an expert whiplash lawyer, you may be able to get a full settlement to cover medical expenses, car bills, and perhaps lost wages.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Ready to Fight for You

When you need legal counsel you can trust, you can look to the Ghozland Law Firm. We have your best interests at heart. We understand that this can be a tough time for you, physically, emotionally, and financially. When we work to get our clients optimal results, we do so at no upfront costs. We operate on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay a thing until we win you a settlement or award.

To start working with an outstanding legal advocate, you can fill out a free case evaluation online. We will provide you a prompt response, within 24 hours. Your case may require quick action on your part too, as personal injury claims have a statute of limitations. Before your case expires, contact the Ghozland Law Firm today!


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