What to Do If Your Motorcycle Accident Claim Isn’t Getting Paid

If you were the rider or passenger on a motorcycle and were involved in a motorcycle accident in East Los Angeles and you’re claim isn’t getting paid, you’re probably feeling frustrated. Between the lost wages from time off work, medical bills, and numerous other expenses, dealing with a motorcycle accident claim isn’t easy. Here’s what you should do if your motorcycle accident claim isn’t getting paid in California.
Pull a Copy of the Police Report

Liability in California Car Accidents

When a car accident happens in Los Angeles, California, one of the items that must be determined is liability. Liability is a legal concept that determines who was at fault for the accident. Liability is important for both insurance companies to determine and in the instance that any party involved in the car accident decides to file a lawsuit. However, liability isn’t always cut and dry. In fact, there are many factors that determine liability.

California Is a Fault State for Car Accidents

­­3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Deal with an Insurance Company on Your Own After Your Car Accident

Car insurance is a legal necessity in California. Yet, if you’re involved a car accident in East LA, you may find out the hard way that the insurance company may be less concerned about doing what is best on your behalf (despite the fact that you are their customer) and that they are more concerned with paying out as little as possible. Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t deal with an insurance company on your own after your car accident in California.
Insurance Companies Are All about Their Bottom Line

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Road Debris and Road Hazards

For the majority of Americans who drive on the 5 freeway in Los Angeles, road debris and road hazards can be an annoyance causing minor damage to their cars.  However for motorcycle riders, road debris and hazards can be deadly, and should never be taken lightly.

Road debris, which can include small rocks created from highway construction, parts of blown out tires, or goods that fall off a truck, can be driven over by most automobiles without any damage.  Road hazards like potholes, slippery roads, or uneven road conditions can also generally easily be overcome by cars.  For motorcycle drivers however, any debris or hazard can rise to the potential of getting caught within the motorcycle, or disrupting the balance of the motorcycle, leading the bike rider to fall off his bike and become injured.  Bike riders need to be especially careful of the road conditions and be constantly avoiding any large objects in front of them, which will disrupt their balance.

Lane Splitting in Motorcycle Accidents

Lane splitting is the technique motorcycle drivers use where the motorcycle drives in between two lanes of automobile driving.  Since motorcycles are significantly smaller than an automobile, the motorcycle can easily maneuver between two parallel lanes, which during heavy traffic jams on the 5 freeway can allow a motorcyclist to get through congested areas very easily.  The danger is that automobile drivers are often unable to see motorcyclists performing the lane split as the motorcycle is usually in their blindspot.  Since the car driver cannot see the motorcyclist, any change in the lane by the car without properly checking for the bike while performing the lane split, can lead to an accident.
Lane splitting is allowed in California

Motorcycle Accidents — Don’t Be Fooled By The Numbers

Perhaps not surprisingly, California boasts the highest number of motorcycle riders in the entire United States. Its warm climate, beautiful scenery, and modern highway system, makes Southern California a pristine location for all bike enthusiasts to ride in.
Motorcycling realities
With the joy of bike riding though, comes the reality of danger and harm. For the third year in a row, the total number of motorcycle accidents involving fatalities has risen nationwide, with more than 5000 people losing their lives while bike riding, and California has the second highest number of motorcycle accidents and accidents involving fatalities. A recent motorcycle study found that motorcycle riders are 31% more likely to be involved in a serious or life ending accident while riding their bike. Motor bike enthusiasts should be aware that the risk of harm exists and precautions need to be taken to avoid getting into a serious or deadly accident.

Dog Bites On the Rise in California

More and more East LA residents are being sent to emergency rooms for dog related bites. Indeed, the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development recently revealed that emergency room visits for dog bites have increased by 44% in the past ten years.  California recorded the most dog bite claims in the nation with more than 1,934 reports of dog bites, more than any other state in the country.

Child Injuries at Daycare and Childcare Facilities

For the tens of millions of American parents who work and are constantly on the go, choosing a childcare facility to watch their children is one of the most important decisions of a family’s life.  Due its great importance, childcare facilities are heavily governed in California by the California Code of Regulations Title 22, which requires a childcare facility to comply with requirements to gain a license.  When a parent chooses a childcare facility, most parents have to sign a multitude of contractual papers including indemnification clauses and liability clauses.  Even though parents may think they sign their rights away with these contracts, when a child has been injured, most courts still hold the childcare facility liable for any and all injuries to the child. Indeed, most courts find that these facilities have a duty of care that is owed to the child and parents that cannot be waived off.

What To Do After a Rollover Accident

Rollover accidents are serious. If you or someone you love was hurt or killed in a rollover accident in West Covina, Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, you need an experienced lawyer on your side.
What Causes Rollover Accidents?
Rollover accidents can happen for a number reasons. The science behind a rollover accident is that a vehicle (particularly top heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, vans, and SUVs) can easily lose their center of balance. When this happens, generally because a driver is speeding, taking a turn too fast, or just not paying attention, the vehicle flips over.